Our Preschool staff has been employed based on their education, experience, enthusiasm, personality, Christian values, and their ability to provide loving and understanding care for each child according to his/her needs. Our staff is certified in CPR and First Aid.

  Ms. Lynn, Director / Teacher, SAC
  Ms. Jaclyn, Assistant Director / Teacher, Nursery
  Ms. Carol, Teacher, Pre-K
  Ms. Linda, Asst. Teacher, Pre-K
  Ms.Connie, Teacher, Pre-K
  Ms. Kassandra, Asst. Teacher, Pre-K
  Mr. Brandon, Teacher, 3-year-olds & SAC
  Ms. Andrea, Teacher, 3-year-olds & SAC
  Ms. Danielle, Teacher, 2-year-olds
  Ms. Angie, Asst. Teacher, 2-year-olds
  Ms. Lu, Asst. Teacher, Nursery
  Ms. Margaret, School Accountant / Substitute